Monday, November 10, 2014

The Power of Your Age and Perceptions

“There is no greater impediment to the advancement of knowledge than the ambiguity of words.” – Thomas Reid, Scottish philosopher
Depending on your age, sex and current perceptions, the content of this blog will understood and internalized differently. And, I hope you will understand as I meant it to be. However, because I have no idea of who you are - that hope of mine isn’t certain. Far from it.

Here’s why: Recent research gives us new and better clues as to how our mind works in relation to our bodies, especially when it comes to how chemicals and our age and perceptions effect our past and present beliefs. Our simplest thoughts effect our health and sex and can release certain natural chemicals which can either heal or hurt. Endorphins, adrenaline, estrogen and testosterone for examples. Moreover, our natural chemistry is our natural subconscious controller. Viagra on the other hand (pun?), is a unnatural chemical hybrid that doesn’t work without the libido. And, libido is created from mere fantasy thoughts swirling in our younger minds, pushing the necessary chemistry along. Some consider the libido as strictly psychological and a very natural component of the life instinct. Moreover, young people are always pretty much directed by their libido and hormonal chemistry, especially when it comes to choosing a mate or new sexual partner. Unfortunately, unnatural chemistry assimilation is overwhelming many people and that unnatural assimilation is insidiously at work everywhere. Unnatural chemistry is also contained in makeup, aka bogus beauty. This unnatural overuse - oceans of cosmetics by women - sets up many potential problems later in life go both men and women. Women fall in love with what they hear and men fall in love with what they see. Tribalism is also a great subconscious controller and magnet to your beliefs and actions.

In different words, your thoughts can and will change the feelings and chemical reactions in your system. Where you were raised and live now, or who your tribe was, also matters. In different words, your thoughts and past beliefs can also blind you to the real truth and reality around you because your present age has a great deal to do with your perceptions, thoughts and present chemistry. All of which can and will definitely change over time.
“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anaïs Nin
Influential movies, books and bloggers can also use words which create thoughts which may also poison the thinking of young people for their future, mainly because what they leave out or don’t say and/or deny is also critically important. Especially in the global media. For example, the strong opinions of Sheryl Sandberg in her book “Lean in” and by Hanna Rosin in her “The End of Men - The Rise of Women,” book may negatively influence a lot of young men and women who might process her words differently than I did, a mature man. Rosin’s book, as well as Hillary Clinton’s recent speeches, prompted me into taking immediate action but also gave me pause to examine my own past beliefs about myself. Much of what they write is positive and necessary but also in many ways - wrong to my thinking. To me, both these influential women are in denial about  their use of bogus beauty and thus leave out critical solutions. Rosin, in The End of Men - The Rise of Women wrote:

“To put it crudely, now feminist progress is largely dependent on hook-up culture. To a surprising degree, it is women - not men - who are perpetuating the culture, especially in school, cannily manipulating it to make space for their success, always keeping their own ends in mind. Today’s college girl likens a serious suitor to an accidental pregnancy in the nineteenth century: a danger to be avoided at all costs, lest it thwart a promising future. 
Studies about the ‘normal’ male holding the reins are no longer in vogue. These days the establishment is being marshaled to confirm our new cultural notion that men have become the frail dependents in need of a protector. That men need marriage more than women do. In fact, they need it to survive.” 

Unfortunately, Rosin’s right here but she leaves out the real solution. I think she’s also in denial, as most people are about women. My work here will hopefully bring a better understanding of the emerging power of women and to recognize and counteract, a new type of damaging and extra-powerful American woman - the New American Alpha Bitch.

The New American Alpha Bitch ebook will be released next week and if you'd like a free review copy please contact me via email on the website.