Thursday, November 13, 2014

Her Power of Being His Reward

If the heart of a man is depress’d with cares, 
the mist is dispelled when a woman appears.” – Ibid

(A chapter from the book - Bogus Beauty & New Power of American Women)

There can be no doubt it, there are many different and awesome powers in American women and some of them are ineffable. If we also acknowledges these different powers with a fundamental understanding of what is probably the deepest, most common and most obscure belief we all share - then we can all gain. That core power is the power women have of being his reward. This power of being his reward is given - literally - to ALL American women and put upon ALL American men at birth. This life-long, unconscious and automatic belief touches the very core of what a normal woman means to a normal man. It’s also the basis of our society, biology and epistemology.

Throughout history in fables, fairy tales, myths and folklore, men have always fought the dragons and demons and other men to save the woman - any women - from danger. And it has always been the woman, the lady or the princess, he wins as his reward. His beautiful new queen, trophy or prize if you will. Even today, it is man’s hand-me-down duty to lay down his life before a woman would give up hers. That’s just the way it is. He is labeled a coward or less of a man - if he doesn’t. Men have always been the expendable warriors and hunters that have always received women as their reward IF (the big IF) they are successful. They are also typically martyred if they are killed by other men in the process. Men kill each other for the right to lay down with her and receive her touch. The power of being his reward is also the right to be her “hero.” In fairytales, the American she-species is typically thought of with a white veil of innocence, with flowers and soft lights, never to be thought of as bad or evil, unless it is a witch. From wedding magazines to Disney movies, she is Snow White always surrounded by dopey male dwarfs until her taller, handsome prince rescues her. Continuous TV commercials for makeup and moms, reinforce this fantasy notion of her innocence, beauty and purity.

This inbred mythical belief system about sheltering a woman from harm stems mainly from prehistoric times, when men used brute force against each other in order to get access to breeding rights from the female. This primordial instinct, which is in the reptilian part of our mind, still motivates the majority of male actions - both consciously and subconsciously. Men believe they must also protect and/or prevent their women from being with other men because they know women are instinctively attracted to men who offer more protection and security (wealth). Just like the wild animals in nature, the taller, tougher, stronger, younger, wealthier or meaner guy, gets more choices for girls. This is implicit in the “bad-boy” syndrome American women seem to favor (when they are young). This also sets up the continuous bind men always find themselves in when it comes to women at any age. Men are constantly damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Moreover, in our new world of global communications, computers, finance and knowledge, brute force is no longer the only way protection is offered. Men now have to demonstrate new wealth/earning and communication traits and also want to do the laundry and dishes - as Sheryl Sandberg espouses in her book Lean In. This new laundry expectation and or feminine equality requirement, is of course, additional to having reminiscent caveman qualities. Typical American male heroes (especially in the movies) must also have pop-out stomach muscles and demonstrate among themselves to be cunning, quick and continuously smarter and/or brutal than other men (think football and James Bond). Daily, men must slay copious new competitors as well as all the economic demons just to gain the rights to make love with the she creature. This too, is just how it is. Rarely do American women of wealth pull men up financially, unless of course, she is an older women or a sexually hungry “cougar” (also see chapters The New Alpha Bitch and Granny Power chapters). 

The opposite is true for most older men of means. Because of this new digital shift in how wealth is created, men, more than women, initially took to the computer’s empowering potential more than women - until now. Older studies (of the 80s and 90s) have shown that men were excelling at math, engineering and computer sciences and that the primary, underlying reason was because the computer had become the main wealth creation system and therefore the main method of providing protection and security. In simpler words, in order to provide, the male needed to overtly demonstrate smarts with a computer with which to gain wealth and to impress her (into the sack - aka breed). This also means, he is constantly under pressure to perform with his brains, ideas, cunning and often brawn as well to get her as a (his) reward (or keep her satisfied). This is not so with women, especially now in a new normal economy with copious feminist networks. A women needs a man like cat needs a dog.

Here’s an quote from – Warren Farrel, author of The Myth of Male Power, which gives us an insight how things used to be just a few decades ago. Also of course, much of this erroneous thinking still exists today.

"For a woman, the key to wealth, is not in what she earns, 
but what is spent on her."
Without having knowledge and wealth (some kind of power demonstration), most men know they don’t stand a chance for breeding with higher classes of women and there are lots of problem women and bimbos at the bottom. Most normal men also know it’s extremely hard to deny feminine magnetism especially when she needs to be satisfied and/or when she feels the “time is right.” The reality is too, his sexual performance is always a challenge greater than hers. He internalizes the act of sex much differently as well. His limp failure in the act is much more obvious too (more about this coming up in her Power to Create Bogus Boners).

On the other hand, women of past millennia have not had to impress with their finances or knowledge to succeed in life, because men have typically done it for them. Men just handed over the checks and when they died, if they had it, they left it all to the wife. American women have not had to compete directly in business with men and other women and develop those necessary skills - until the last 100 years. Today however, women are creating businesses and graduating from college at a faster rate than men and thousands of feminine support networks have a lot to do with this. She herself is becoming her own new hero. But this fact too, is a huge future problem for both him and her (more about this in the chapters New Power of Feminism).

Now however, and in this new hi-tech, global digital era, fake beauty could and should be recognized for what it really is, which is, a old tool for female competition and male sexual manipulation. Makeup should become an anachronistic joke and recognized as an unneeded crutch when it used. But will women stop using it? Probably not - probably never.

Her awesome power of being his reward, carries over into everything both men and women say and do, anytime and anywhere, but it is rarely thought of in this way. Most people just continue to believe that men have to prove themselves and do not dig deeper into what their reward actually entails and, what it really costs them - when and IF they get it (her). Men compete, not just for cars, money and toys but to impress and get women at least interested and/or satisfied. It’s because women have always been a man’s ultimate reward and thus, must have her for his own self-esteem. Men feel especially happy and “empowered” when they know their woman is “satisfied” with them. Thank your mom for most of that mental programming.

Not so for her however, she is emotionally stronger and wants or needs a man to have her children (see chapter Power of Unconditional Love). Her self-esteem problem typically centers around her face and body and she has been and is still being conditioned (by other women) to do without men unless it is for her own security (see New Alpha Bitch chapter). Our high-tech economy changed the basic security needs of all American women and dramatically did so in her favor with the invention of the birth control pill in the 1960s. More recently, the second type of birth control or “Morning After” pill has expanded her pregnancy options again and is now available over-the-counter to girls as young as age 15. That change is brewing big trouble in some unknown ways.

“A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle.” – Gloria Steinem

Most male doctors and psychologists, when treating men for erectile dysfunction (ED) or family problems, rarely factor in global population-economics and the new competition and jealousy reality between men and women. Rarely considered as well, is the constant bombardment of fantasy bogus beauty images burned into the American male mind. Many media pundits also fail to consider that men, typically, have no subjective counter-measures for her type of bogus visual competition, especially in business. Continuous male confusion, caused by incessant bogus beauty also works to the economic advantage of women. Having always been his reward, is similar to always knowing there is an available fool nearby. In this, both genders qualify equally.

“Disguise our bondage as we will, 'tis woman, 
woman that rules us still.” – Tom Moore