Monday, September 29, 2014

The Female Power to Cast and Deflect Guilt

(A chapter from The New Power of American Women - The Essential Survival Guide.

Women have more strength in their looks than we have in our laws, 
and more power by their tears than we have in our arguments.” – Saville
These many innate powers in American women are very strange and interesting phenomenons. One of the most incredible and least understood, is the power of women to cast guilt onto others as well as deflect any blame upon themselves. Perhaps it stems from their beliefs about themselves and that from day one, think of themselves as “little princesses.” This mindset is because American moms are typically great builders of conscience, even if they themselves are flawed. The power of American women to cast as well as deflect guilt, stems from childhood programming and it runs deep in our collective subconscious.

From the enhanced lips of millions of American mothers, comes the continuous “Don’t do this and don’t do that” commands to her growing children. “Awww, that’s OK, come to mommy, she’ll fix it for you.” While the constant TV innuendo is that dad’s either missing or has an erection problem or perhaps is the bumbling fool, criminal or sex-crazed politician/beast, it seems mom always has the righteous plank. Daily news continually remind us of how women are leading the family financially and/or perhaps the woman who brought a politician or an army general down by his zipper. There is no escape from this in the zeitgeist.

Certain types of single moms, who have been dumped by a passing lover (or two or three), can get proficient in guilt-throwing and guilt-deflecting. They learn early-on that they have to somehow justify their own sexual appetites by making the missing or part-time dad, look like the lusting beast or “typical man” who isn’t anything good in life without her. Even though he may be an idiot, drunkard, casanova or worse, the child doesn’t realize yet that mommy was the chooser of daddy, by allowing him to have her in the first place (if she wasn’t raped). The child may learn much later in life that one of the real reasons daddy didn’t want to stick around was because daddy didn’t want to be there when the beast in mommy came all the way out (also see Her Power to Create Step-People).

Also, some kids may notice that when mommy got fatter and started to incessantly nag daddy, she started to demand that daddy change himself. Some ladies on the TV talk-shows also showed how swollen moms can rationalize and profit from their girth and still blame it on their scared and escaping husbands. American kids learn early in life that some mommies get to play victim if and when any daddy bolts, even if mommy evolved into a slob, a nag and/or huge porker. Mommy was very good too, at making daddy feel guilty and that he did indeed, make a very big mistake by bringing her some wine and roses in the first place. That’ll teach him.

Meanwhile, if a daddy stuck around awhile, the daddy soon realizes (to himself of course) that he could turn into some kind of neutered, henpecked, fat couch potato if his life is left up to mommy’s sense of what is right for daddy. Now too, in the 21st century, millions of American mommies have learned how to search the Internet or call the 800# on the TV for an attorney who will take her hubby-problem on contingency, depending of course, on how much daddy makes. Mommy sees many other American women doing it too and also learned that it doesn’t have to be the real daddy either, because any man with money or “earning potential” will do. All she has to do is somehow trick or entice him (whoever he is) into acting like the sexual beast he is anyway and mommy can have him legally by the balls for many years. Even if he didn’t do it.

These are the typical, every-day subconsciously coded messages that are passed on to American girls and boys. These everyday, guilt-throwing moms reinforce their words and actions with never-ending TV commercials and movies, which are literally soaked with fake tits, lips, eyes, butt-lifts, tummy-tucks and feminine bizarreness. This is continuous, narcissistic bogus beauty combined with copious violence and fake notions of a woman’s innocence. But all that is OK though, because mommy does it, it works and that’s how she rules and also got daddy in the first place.

On a lighter note, an empirical study of “Murder in Families” conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice contained some very revealing and shocking statistics. It showed that in over 10,000 cases, women kill their spouses far more than previously thought. Women were responsible for 40% of all spousal homicides and “among black marital partners, wives were just about as likely to kill their husbands as husbands were to kill their wives.”

Alan M. Dershowitz, a Harvard Law School professor and a consulting attorney to O.J. Simpson, used that study and expanded one on his own with the help of the Justice Department’s author of the study. He published his combined findings in the Los Angeles Times.

The study showed; “Wives who kill their husband were acquitted in 12.9% of the cases studied while husbands who kill their wives were acquitted in only 1.4% of the cases. Women who were convicted of killing their husbands were sentenced to an average six years in prison, while men received an average sentence of 17 years for killing their wives.”


Women Get More Mercy

“Public opinion is a second conscience.” – William Alger 
Women also get more mercy when it comes to probation for killing and 16% of women killers get probation while men get only 1.6%. Boiling it all down, the conclusion of the federal Murder in Families study showed that for all family murders, which includes killing of parents and children as well as spouses – “55.5% of the victims were males and 44.5% were females,” and that “female defendants were more likely than male defendants to have murdered a person of the opposite sex” (men kill each other more often).

Mr. Dershowitz summed it all up by noting the feministic slant of the study;

“Despite the unexpected data, the Justice Department press release buried the politically incorrect information under the following headline: ‘Wives are the most frequent victims in family murders.’ However, “misdiagnosing this psychological problem to fit into a political agenda will delay its proper treatment and cure.”
Sliced Penis Anyone?

Another infamous example of the way guilt is deflected from American women and their criminal actions is in the Lorena Bobbitt case. This is the case where Mr. John Wayne Bobbitt had his penis removed by his wife Lorena. With a quick flick of her wrist, his boner was a goner but her premeditated act wasn’t considered an attempted murder and she literally became a feminine folk heroine because of it.

The story goes like this: Mr. Bobbitt came home drunk one night and sexually assaulted Lorena. However, immediately after she cut off his penis, Lorena drove to a dark highway and threw it out of the window. Several hours later, the police found it and surgeons reattached it (lucky Mr. Bobbitt).

They hauled him off to jail but it became a charge he always denied and was subsequently acquitted of.

During the trial, Lorena also testified that she didn't remember cutting off John's penis. Her defense team argued “temporary insanity” and claimed she was the victim of long-term physical and emotional abuse.

"In her mind, it was his penis from which she could not escape which caused her the most pain. The most fear. The most humiliation." Lorena's lawyer said.

The jury found Lorena NOT guilty by reason of insanity. However, several years later and on an Oprah TV show, the “new Lorena” tells the mostly female audience; 

“Thanks to therapy, I’m a much different woman now. I evolve as a woman and it's wonderful to actually learn from your mistakes and to apply it into your life."

I don’t know about you but what this suggests to me is, that the power that women have to deflect their guilt, as well as hide their true identities, is so hermetic that it has us all deceived even in our courts. So well hidden is her power to shift blame and guilt, the courts and media automatically re-writes and offers up copious, pseudo-truths for her. Juries suck it all up too. It seems we always want to believe a woman’s innocent even when we know she’s not. An extraordinary power indeed.

As an aside: I’ve always thought this was sadly humorous and wondered what a strange coincidence Bobbitt’s last name was. It would be hard to make that up (another pun?). I also wonder how Mr. Bobbitt, the police, the doctor and nurses felt while they were reattaching his penis. Were they all smiling or perhaps, just the female nurses? Surely Bobbitt wasn’t laughing. And, just how did he pee for the next year or more? I’ll also bet Mr. Bobbitt constantly rethinks ever having sex again. :-)


Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Increasing Political Power of American Women

“An era passes without notice. Suddenly however, you realize that it’s gone.” – Clarence Page, PBS News

(This post is taken from a chapter within The New Power of American Women ebook).

American women won the right to vote in 1920. And the new political reality is that they are now the majority of registered voters, with an incredible 57% of the total. No one, especially men, should take for granted, what the emerging political power in women means. Female Senators, Congresswomen, councilwomen attorneys, mayors and judges everywhere are mentally pulling together through all kinds of empowerment networks to make changes which insure their power must be recognized and dealt with. It makes no difference whether Democrat or Republican, Libertarian or Independent, American women are coming into tangible and explicit global power and they are coming into it, individually and typically, with a mass-victim, feminist mindset and incredible new technologies.

However, women are still fragmented in different networks and have yet to fully coalesce into a major single voting bloc. What unites as well as divides are major issues such as “Pro- choice” (abortion), crime, sexual harassment and “equal pay for equal work.” You, whatever your gender, must have your eyes wide open to what is the ultimate truth.

The equal pay agenda is probably the most current and common flag American women rally around since women generally are paid less than their male counterparts doing the same work (at this time). Together they typically promote the premise that the patriarchy is at fault for their current situation and are demanding special treatment from business and local, state and federal government agencies. Unfortunately, it seems that women must collectively bring some men down, in order to lift themselves up. However, many women are starting to get it and acknowledge it isn’t really a man’s fault for a woman’s lack of success, but that it is up to the individual woman. Just like a man, she has to empower herself.

In her nationally syndicated column, Mona Charen wrote a 2011 article titled: “It’s Not the Men’s Fault.” 

Paraphrasing she said;

“According to Pew Research Center, three-quarters of the jobs lost during the ‘Great Recession’ were lost by men and on college campuses women outnumber men by 57 to 43 percent. But economic analysis can take you only so far. Men’s capacity to insist on promiscuity rests completely on female cooperation. And women have been foolishly compliant for decades. They’ve (women) conspired in their own disempowerment, not because love their sexual freedom (though a few may), but because people like Gloria Steinem convinced them that the old sexual mores, along with marriage and children, were oppressive to women.”

In other words, many feminists typically won’t admit to the fact that men have put it all here with very real contributions in science, hard-labor and real blood and real sweat. And they did it as loving fathers, husbands and bothers. But now American women, in general, realize that their time has come to reach for more power than they have ever had in the past and men are confused as to what a man should be to a woman.

It’s also very hard to deny a mother’s contribution to society and that any woman, mother or not, can have her special needs met, regardless of how much it may cost men in general. This type of equality means that employers may not be able to choose another man for a job, without carefully considering the female’s political-legal-morass potential. Moreover, women as voters are being catered to in every race for political office and there is no way they can lose in the long run because of their new voting-lobby-networking potential.

In still different words, if you don’t give her what she wants, just because she’s a woman, you’d better factor in a potential lawsuit somewhere in the equation for denying her “rights.” Conversely, this also means that the free choice rights of men to ultimately decide how to run their own life and business, is being diluted via new regulations which may favor American women. I’m not saying it’s wrong or right, but just what is.

Powerful political groups such as the National Assn. for Women in Education (NAWE), with their 3,000 teacher-members, is networked to hundreds of other feminist organizations and is also providing them ongoing slanted feminist research for lawsuits. NAWE is deep into the sexual harassment survey business and funding studies to find out whether or not male professors are using their status to intimidate and exploit female students, regardless if the student consented and took full responsibility for his or her actions. Most political movements typically start on college campuses.

In the book “The Lecherous Professor” (University of Illinois 1990 edition), the co-author Billie Wright puts forth the premise; “Where power differentials exist, there can be no ‘mutual consent’.” The NAWE study focused primarily on cases where sobbing female students became “open” about their affairs with their male teachers but only after they were dumped. Barry Dank, a professor of sociology at Cal State Long Beach, is an outspoken critic of frivolous harassment suits. He sites several cases where students openly claimed they were at fault for leading the teacher into an affair and blames much of the anti-fraternization activity on the campus on the “hypocritical authoritarian feminists” who ‘take a motherly image’ toward all female students. Dank says, they take the ‘We’ll protect you whether you want our help or not’ attitude. 

He continues; 
“I’m alienated from the idea of putting women back into the category of as victims. 
This is an attempt of older females trying to control younger females.”

Throughout all of corporate America, feminist-lesbian groups are groping around to identify more of themselves. Some groups are even setting up awards for companies that take the initiative coming out as lesbians or in shattering the glass ceiling. One such award is the Catalyst Award that Coca-Cola, Unilever and Alcoa received in 2013. Catalyst researches and monitors other organizations that identify barriers to advancing women. An ex-Catalyst president, Sheila Wellington, told corporate American CEOs, “By investing in women, winning companies foster leadership by the most able and insure their organizations’ economic viability.”

My main point in these insights, is for you to be very aware of the increasing political power of American women and to note that it is growing very fast around the globe. You must also be very careful of everything you say or do which may provoke a unfavorable feminine or gay/ lesbian response in any workplace. If you do not support the feminist and/or homosexual movements, you may get sued, slandered or physically attacked. This is yet another hazard of being a normal American man. You are being forced into being silent on this gay political issue.

And also remember clearly: Gaining the power to control the American voting booth is equal to getting the key to the U.S. Treasury and Fort Knox.


Friday, September 19, 2014


Here's a great invention that the NFL should use for their management and players. If I was the inventor, I'd call it the the "REGRET MACHINE" rather than the Butt-Kicking Machine. Women would love to watch this in action and would probably install millions of them in their homes. :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Unique Powers of American Women Exposed

After 20 years of dedicated research and hundreds of personal interviews concerning the increasing, global power of women, my most important ebook is finally available. If you've read "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg or "The End of Men - The Rise of Women" by Hanna Rosin, then “The New Power of American Women" is a must read that will counter and correct some of those feminist views. 

American women are grossly mismanaging their power and it is damaging all of us.

For example; What if all American women quit using makeup for just one month and they took the money and gave it to homeless mothers with hungry children? What if corporate advertisers did the same thing? Rather than promoting products for bogus beauty, the true power of American women could solve much larger and more pressing problems. Will they do it? Nah! American women are too hung up with narcissism and will fight for continuing the myth of their bogus beauty. Facts show that women, will often sacrifice food and shelter for their children in order to buy makeup.

American women gain great financial and psychological power from bogus beauty and it’s now recognized in global economic circles as “erotic capital." New “Alpha Bitch” and “Stiletto” feminist networks are being organized to "dismantle" male-dominated businesses. These media savvy feminist networks are also legally coaching and “mentoring” legions of high school and college-age women to “lean in” and bring about “the end of men.”

Why is this important to you? Well, to start with, American women will inherit $70 trillion in the next two decades, and that stark fact will change the very economics of every home and business. It won’t all be good, that’s for sure.

The New Power of American Women and this new blog, is about the very real but deeply subjective power in our lives, those of our current and past perceptions and beliefs of ourselves and our surroundings. This is a time of great environmental change and around the world, women are emerging as a necessary driver of better political, financial and emotional power. Women are also becoming stronger and more powerful competitors - for everything - everywhere! This means increasing competition for all jobs and resources and real fundamental changes in our past perceptions will be required of all men and women and of all boys and girls. These necessary beliefs and perception changes will not be easy for anyone - especially for average or normal heterosexual men and boys. Including those in the military.

This blog is designed to help men, women and children adapt. It may also be very important to foreign companies doing business in America. Much of the American culture is based the power of bogus beauty and American women are grossly mismanaging their true power. You need to know more and learn why. 

You can also post your comments but please, do not spam or post unwarranted, personalized attacks.