Thursday, February 26, 2015

What is "Bogus Beauty"?


Well, to start with, if you’re an American, you see it everywhere on billboards, TV, the Internet, magazine covers and it’s highly toxic and backed with tons of cash. It has a trillion dollar grip on the America psyche and it's on almost every shelf, in every American home. It's also “expected" in American business but it’s truly dangerous to your health. It’s most obvious however, on almost every American woman’s face - every moment of everyday. It’s mass incessant-narcissism and unfortunately, it is now also highly coveted and considered as normal and natural by American children. Facts show that American women, who are living in or near poverty, will even sacrifice better food and health for their children in order to buy lipstick and cosmetics with which to compete with other women and attract men.

Bogus beauty is the mass illusion and mass delusion of beauty. It has also become a ubiquitous competitive “tool” for women and in a very real way, bogus beauty has become an overwhelming addiction, an insidious chemical killer and destroyer of lives in American families. It also fosters violence but is rarely considered a cause of it.

American women gain great financial and psychological power from bogus beauty and it’s now recognized in global economic circles as “erotic capital." Dozens of new “Alpha Bitch” and “Stiletto” feminist networks are being organized around bogus beauty to "dismantle" male- dominated businesses. These media savvy feminist networks are also legally coaching and “mentoring” legions of high school and college-age women to “lean in” and bring about “the end of men.” 

Bogus beauty is at the very center of the growing, global power of women. In her book: The Secret Between Us - Competition Among Women” - Laura Tracy, wrote about the way both genders view and sanction the notion of bogus beauty.

She wrote:
“Femininity and competition between women are tightly interwoven. It is the feminine woman who really doesn’t like other women. She can’t afford to. To this woman, all women are rivals, since she has been defined by men in her person and appearance. Women compete with each other when they put on makeup, when they wear high heels, and short, narrow skirts that constrict their movement, when they dye their hair, and when they starve themselves. Femininity means looking better than other women - femininity means competition between women to look better to men. The problem is we all do it.”

Bogus beauty is also the subtle and surreptitious driving force behind the hyper-sexualization of American children in all kinds of advertising. This hyper-sexualization is growing because willing, ignorant parents and corporations use pre-teens and toddlers in sickening, cosmetic- soaked ads and beauty pageants to promote their brands. In some circles, some say this type of sexualization of children also promotes pedophilia. Even in France, a huge public backlash is underway to eliminate this type of hyper-sexualization of children and paradoxically, the French people are very much addicted to bogus beauty and France is the leader in the absurdness-for- women fashion industry. Personally, I hope this type of public backlash in France also happens here and as soon possible.

The best definition of bogus beauty I can give you is:

“Bogus beauty is the most pernicious element in the feminine soul and spirit.”

Think about it awhile and if you have a better definition, please let me know.
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