Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Alternate Female Identity, Part 3 - Perversion

“Hard-headed woman, soft-hearted man, been the cause of trouble since the world began. 
Oh yeah! Ever since the world began.” – Elvis Presley
My wife and I went to see “Gone Girl” last Sunday. It was an interesting movie about the growing powers in American women and the increasing weakness of American men. Especially interesting to me because I noted how the media immediately jumps to conclusions if anything bad happens to a woman and that men are automatically assumed to be the cause of her problems. 

Another interesting aspect of this movie was, without giving away too much of the plot, the missing wife used her mass-victim mindset to justify her own death-wish and her wrath for his infidelity. She also used her ample feminine prerogatives to set in motion his crucifixion in the media. In her plan, she dyed her hair and quit using makeup to go unnoticed while hiding from the media. In different words, she dropped her established bogus beauty identity, or alternate ID and became real looking, in order to escape unwanted attention. It’s a great subjective power to have and American women can do this anytime they want in real life. It’s auto-accepted too for her but in fact, is a constant and effective tool for male manipulation. Her ability to confuse or beguile him, is a source of satisfaction for her.

Rampant Perversion Created by Her Alternate Identity

In my book Bogus Beauty & The New Power of American Women, I also show how the false faces women continually push into our lives, also negatively change the behaviors of American men and boys around them. This constant assault of feminine fakery has also created open and rampant perversion. The growing legions of “quasi men” or “drag queens” - men who act like women to other men - is, in my opinion, a direct result of this mind-warping, bogus beauty power of women in the media. Think I'm wrong? Consider this.


Also, and just FYI, I received the very first review of Bogus Beauty last week on Amazon. I'm struggling to get people to read something that is very taboo to women but luckily, I got the first one and it confirmed why I wrote it. I also hope you'll check it out and join me in this fight against make up use.

Here’s what Roman A. had to say about Bogus Beauty:

Brilliant and Brave

“My wife read this book, here are her thoughts: 

"I loved it! He really hit the nails on their heads. I have watched women my entire life, often wondering why they do what they do, to each other and themselves. Richard breaks down the different psychosis into organized archetypes. His insights are thought provoking and he tempers the volatile subject matter with his brand of humor, which I appreciated also. Sadly I am sure many thin skinned PC femmes will be upset by the reading of this, but if you truly wish to be a better woman you will not prolong facing these dark parts of our gender any more than you must and stop the madness! It should be required reading in Women's Studies courses :) seriously. 

You are a brave man for writing this book and I think your insights are a valuable resource Richard, Bravo!"