Thursday, September 18, 2014

Unique Powers of American Women Exposed

After 20 years of dedicated research and hundreds of personal interviews concerning the increasing, global power of women, my most important ebook is finally available. If you've read "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg or "The End of Men - The Rise of Women" by Hanna Rosin, then “The New Power of American Women" is a must read that will counter and correct some of those feminist views. 

American women are grossly mismanaging their power and it is damaging all of us.

For example; What if all American women quit using makeup for just one month and they took the money and gave it to homeless mothers with hungry children? What if corporate advertisers did the same thing? Rather than promoting products for bogus beauty, the true power of American women could solve much larger and more pressing problems. Will they do it? Nah! American women are too hung up with narcissism and will fight for continuing the myth of their bogus beauty. Facts show that women, will often sacrifice food and shelter for their children in order to buy makeup.

American women gain great financial and psychological power from bogus beauty and it’s now recognized in global economic circles as “erotic capital." New “Alpha Bitch” and “Stiletto” feminist networks are being organized to "dismantle" male-dominated businesses. These media savvy feminist networks are also legally coaching and “mentoring” legions of high school and college-age women to “lean in” and bring about “the end of men.”

Why is this important to you? Well, to start with, American women will inherit $70 trillion in the next two decades, and that stark fact will change the very economics of every home and business. It won’t all be good, that’s for sure.

The New Power of American Women and this new blog, is about the very real but deeply subjective power in our lives, those of our current and past perceptions and beliefs of ourselves and our surroundings. This is a time of great environmental change and around the world, women are emerging as a necessary driver of better political, financial and emotional power. Women are also becoming stronger and more powerful competitors - for everything - everywhere! This means increasing competition for all jobs and resources and real fundamental changes in our past perceptions will be required of all men and women and of all boys and girls. These necessary beliefs and perception changes will not be easy for anyone - especially for average or normal heterosexual men and boys. Including those in the military.

This blog is designed to help men, women and children adapt. It may also be very important to foreign companies doing business in America. Much of the American culture is based the power of bogus beauty and American women are grossly mismanaging their true power. You need to know more and learn why. 

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