Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Men Fake It

Another book I researched for my New Power of Women series of books ( is "Why Men Fake It" by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler. I found this book interesting but was a bit shallow because the author was promoting the benefits of fake boners. It doesn't go deep enough (pun?) into the problem. 

In my book Bogus Beauty - I get into other research that shows the main reason why men have erection problems, is because they are trying to make love to the "wrong woman." Billions of dollars are being spent to advertise and promote the four-hour erection problem you might have with a pill, but the real truth goes unsaid by the medical profession. Anyhoo, my work put a lot of this bogus advertising into the proper perspective. 

And BTW, American women - and men - are in an awesome denial mindset about what bogus beauty causes in their lives.

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